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I was born and raised in Chelyabinsk (Russia), a big industrial city located in the Ural Mountains.

Russia is very rich in culture. I appreciated the beauty of my country at an early age. I attended Ballet school for 7 years. The elegant movements of beautiful women's bodies inspired me to draw the human form. That developed into designing and making clothes.

When I moved to the USA in 2009, I gained new incredible experience. I combined it with my older memories, added some feelings, emotions, paint, coal, gold and poly and put it all on paper and wood.

As a mixed media artist currently based in Florida , I love what I'm creating, so I kiss every piece of art, when it's done.

Hope, you’ll like my art work too at   ;-) Enjoy!

From Russia with love…


LipStickArt - Anna Lapaeva Artist

Anna Lapaeva

LipStickArt - Anna Lapaeva Artist
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